Bo-EL GUITAR COMPANY, since 1991.

It all started in April of 1991 when owner and founder Huub Boel built custom guitars in a small workshop in the Dutch residence of The Hague. As with most serious instrument builders there is always something to improve on (bass)guitars. Huub was no different. And while building he kept experimenting and researching better ways to improve every detail of his instruments.

By now, you will have found out what makes a Bo-EL creation so different and more importantly so special in sound and playability. Partly due to a joint-venture with a famous Dutch guitarplayer and producer Gordon Groothedde the guitars became very special.  Yes, responsible for productions with Rich Wyman, Vengeance, Nick & Simon, Jeroen van der Boom Beth Hart and many more!

As in 1993 the company moved from The Hague to Zutphen, Huub and Gordon met and became friends. Together they decided to work on what eventually would be known as the G.G. model. It was full of innovative ideas. Although familiar in shape, more than twenty alterations were made on the first prototypes.

Influenced by guitar players

Now we all know, that not every guitarplayer wants to be associated with another guitarplayer. So in 2003 the Bo-EL Guitar Company launched the S-03, based on the G.G. model but with quite a few alterations to be seen as a new guitar, and again with a very unique stamp: Build in Holland! Not only are Bo-EL guitars quaintly different from what is out there, they have enough style and shape to be introduced to your mother. However, in 2004 this would all change.

It was time for a new venture, whereby Huub would design the ideal (Metal) Rock guitar. However, not alone.

Marcel Coenen is renowned (not just in Holland) as a guitarplayer for his fingertapping and melodic soloing, as well as his unique overall playing style. This spurred Huub tot talk to Marcel at length about a new design, which eventually would lead to disputably the most succesfull Bo-EL guitar to date: the MC-7.

Looking at the shape you can imagine what this ‘machine’ can produce. And … it comes with a special switch to do what really Marcel only specialises in … experimenting with On and Off chords! Seven strings had to be accompanied by a six string version. And so in 2005 the adventure kept growing bigger.

What will the future create?

Well, the Bo-EL Guitar Company will focus on the development of a new and innovative 7-string guitar. Furthermore and on special request R&D have finalized the drawings of their first brand new bass guitar, which has been eagerly awaited by a variety of bass players. These beauties should be ready in april 2015. The future looks bright.

In short, this is what The Bo-EL Guitar Company stands for.


Let us know what you think, discover and create.