The guitar, reinvented.

We design and build guitars that look and sound outstanding, AND feel unlike anything else.

It looks and sounds good, but does it FEEL good?

If you are playing 2 hour gigs or do full day studio sessions, the last thing you want is an uncomfortable, unbalanced guitar.
This is where we excel compared to other brands. We have made some smart modifications to the old concept.


Thin neck from nut to joint

The necks on our instrument will not get thicker near seamless joint. This means playing the first fret feels just as comfortable as playing the 22nd fret. Your thumb will not hit a clunky neck joint when you reach for those higher registers, thanks to a very smooth transition from neck into body.

Smart headstock

Not just a nice looking headstock, but also a smartly designed one. The higher strings have a very short distance behind the nut and tuning mechanism. This ensures minimal detuning will happen to the strings that are the most prone to detuning. The angled nut ensures every fret on every string produces a superbly intonated pitch.



Off-axis strap knob

Something as simple as moving a strap knob can have a profound effect on the way your guitar is balanced, the way your strap hangs and how your cable flows behind your strap. This will allow you to effortlessly balance your guitar and play long hours without getting a tired fretting arm.

Smart access pickup switch

On all our instruments, we make sure the position of the pickup switch (or switches) are never in the way while playing, but easily accessed when you need to change your sound. Never will you accidentally switch to another position, just because you strummed that last chord with that massive arm swing.


Let’s not forget about tone.

Great looks and feel without compromising the sound.


Custom pickups & versatile sounds

Having custom pickups means that they are a perfect match for the guitar. We designed the pickups to work specifically on our guitars. Many of our humbucker guitars models feature a split coil switch, and a lot of configurations. There is the typical combinations, but occasionally unusual ones too. So you can get that classic sound, or something more unique.

Meet the line-up.

Check out our guitars models and new bass models. Available in many finishes and configurations.

S03 Kim 3 star - Natural Matt

S03 series

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MC-6 T.O.L. - White Angel - Customshop

MC 6 strings

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MC-7 DOT - Dutch Purple

MC 7 strings

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GG-200 T.O.L. - Amber

GG series

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Big Generator Basses

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Check out Bo-El’s brother NickyB.

The value brand alternative to big brother Bo-EL

Huub Boel designed these great instruments. NickyB is the platform for those who just recently picked up a guitar, the intermediates out there and all you advancing guitarists strumming yourselves towards the ultimate goal – owning an original Dutch handmade Bo-EL guitar!

NickyB guitars have excellent cost-effective value written allover them, for newbies, hobbyists or professional guitarplayers. To keep and control costs over the years, NickyB instruments are, unlike Bo-EL, factory made, serving as the cost effective alternative for Bo-EL. The brand has shared many designs with us over the past 10 years, however being the ‘value brand’ alternative to big brother Bo-EL has always been the most important and successful approach.